Jaguar640 & Jaguar-S320 are SWIR cameras

    • 640x512, 15um Pixel
    • Spatial Range: 0.9 to 1.7um (InGaAs detector)
    • 60 FPS Frame rate
    • CamLink, USB2.0, NTSC or PAL
    • Low Power (1.5W ) in lowest Power Mode
    • 14 Bit High dynamic Range and ultra-low noise design
    • Pharmaceutical Quality inspection
    • Haze/Smoke Vision
    • Sorting Recycled Plastic
    • Grain Sorting from contamination, stones etc
    • Art inspection
    • Semiconductor/Solar Panel Inspection

Python series of LWIR Cameras

The Python 640 can be used for surveillance as well as industrial applications. It’s an easy plug & play camera with image processing inbuilt, allows real time image correction and recognition.
    • 640X480, 17um
    • Spatial Range: 8 to 14um (Asi Micro-bolometer)
    • Low-power (1.5W in TEC less mode)
    • On-board NUC, BPR, AGC
    • Camera-Link / Analog (CVBS Out)
    • Supports external trigger (<2W) in lowest Power Mode
    • Upto 50 FPS (for 640x480)
    • Shutterless Mode (Optional)
    • Homeland Security
    • Fire Fighting
    • Pyrometric Measurements
    • Industrial Preventive Maintenance
    • Non Destructive Testing
    • Medical Imaging


Eagle 1k x 1k cooled low noise CCD/CMOS cameras are designed for ultra-low noise readout such as required by pressing scientific and instrumentation equipment.
    • 1024 x 1024 CCD/ CMOS Sensor
    • TE Cooling -200C critical for elimination of dark current
    • Upto 10 fps Mode
    • ReadOut noise as low as 2 e-
    • 100% Active Area
    • Plug & Play USB2.0 connection
    • F-Mount lens (Nikkon compatible)
    • Scientific Instruments/ Medical
    • Spectroscopy
    • Astronomical Applications
    • Astrophotography


Viper640 cooled MWIR is a high resolution camera with IR imaging specially designed for remote weapon stations, Non Destructive Testing, UAV’s etc.
    • 640X512 , 15um pitch
    • HgCdTe MWIR
    • Spatial Range: 3.7 to 4.8um
    • Typical NETD < 18 mK (293 K, 50 % well fill, 100 Hz)
    • Frame rate (Up to 100Hz )
    • Camera Link interface
    • Negligible blinking pixels and very stable NUC
    • Integrate-Then-Read and Integrate-While-Read Integration modes
    • UAV/ Surveillance
    • Industrial Process Monitoring
    • Thermography
    • Non-Destructive Testing

Camera Cores

Analinear develops Camera Cores which have been specifically designed for OEM camera manufacturers and system integrators. The complete engines are easy to plug and play. These IR Cores/engines can be customized for different OEM applications.
    • 9-24V single power
    • Low-power (<1.5W TEC less mode)
    • Customizable for any imager format: QVGA to SXGA
    • Supports on-board NUC, BPR, AGC
    • Digital Output: Camera-Link, USB2.0
    • Analog (CVBS Out)
    • Supports external trigger
    • Programmable up to max 300 fps in window Mode
    • Camera cores for IR Imagers
    • Camera engines for High performance APS sensors

Analog & Imager IPs and ICs

    • Analinear has about 100 Analog and Image Sensor IPs. Most of them are silicon and customer design proven. The remaining are in the process of being silicon qualified.

    • The IPs are available off-the-shelf for customers to integrate. Analinear can provide engineering support as needed by the customers for the integration.